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"World No Tobacco Day" focuses on tobacco marketing to women

World No Tobacco Day focuses on women
World No Tobacco Day focuses on women

Monday, May  31 is World No Tobacco Day. The theme selected for 2010 is " Gender and tobacco with an emphasis on marketing to women". Sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) this day is a world-wide effort for a call to action for policy-makers, non-governmental organizations and the public to protect women from tobacco marketing and smoke:

  • Campaign for women's freedom from tobacco as a human right

  • Sensitize men to the harm that their second-hand smoke inflicts on the women and children with whom they live and work

  • Help educate women about the tobacco industry's attempts to ensnare them and the dangers of tobacco

  • Share information about the importance of controlling the global epidemic among women

  • Urge governments to take into account the specific needs of both women and men in the development of tobacco control strategies

  • Ensure that tobacco control strategies take into account the special problems of women who chew tobacco

Women smoke for different reasons than men and have different physical effects from tobacco use than men:

  • Infertility and delays in conceiving

  • Premature delivery during pregnancy

  • Stillbirth and newborn death

  • May cause a reduction in breast milk

  • Increased risk of cervical cancer and possible link with premenopausal breast cancer


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