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World Naked Bike Ride Day: Bikers hit the road in their birthday suits

When it comes to interesting occasions, this one ranks right up there – no ifs, ands or “butts” about it! According to a NOLA Social Ride report published on June 10, World Naked Bike Ride Day is right around the corner and folks around the world are ready to celebrate in the all-together! Yessir - it's time to hit the road in your birthday suit! Since its inception in 2004, the annual international event is typically observed on the second Saturday in June. This year’s event takes place on June 14, 2014, although some locations celebrate the occasion on different dates.

Bottoms Up:  Bikers Hit the Road in Birthday Suits for World Naked Bike Ride Day
Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

World Naked Bike Ride

The grass-roots effort not only helps raise awareness about our reliance on oil and the environment, but also helps promote a positive body image and also shines the light on the vulnerabilities of cyclists. And if you think this is not a popular event, you’d be quite wrong. Clothed, partially-clothed and naked riders from 70 cities in 20 nations including America, Canada, Brazil, France, Israel, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and the United Kingdom, are just a few of the countries that will participate this year.

And just in case hopping on a bike isn’t your cup of tea, you can also slip on a pair of inline skates or hop on a skateboard. Everyone is welcome. Whether you prefer to don your birthday suit, an itsy-bitsy bikini, tidy whiteys or artistic body paint, its up to you how much bare down there you want to share.

Whether you plan to peacefully protest with the other participants or prefer to party, just don’t forget your helmet! Bottoms up!

Please note - While some rides will take place rain or shine, check with the ride nearest you for specific information and also be aware of local laws in your neck-of-the-woods.

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