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World Maths Day

World Maths Day for math olympians
World Maths Day for math olympians

Celebrate Olympic fever with mathematics! World Maths Day sponsored by Mathletics, an on-line math education program for school-aged kids created by 3P Learning, is predicted to break an on-line world record with the 4th Annual World Maths Day. Described as the "Olympics of all other Math Challenges", World Maths Day 2010 is scheduled for March 3rd. An anticipated 2.5 million students from 40, 000 schools (including homeschools) in over 200 countries will participate this year.

3P Learning, the host and creator of World Maths Day, stated in a recent press release, "World Maths Day 2010 features an exciting new format with multiple skill levels for all age groups. Participants can play in up to 500 games in the online competition, earning points for each correct question. The World Champion in each category will receive a "Minted Gold Medal"; and all participants will receive certificates for taking part in the competition."

Guinness World Record holder Scott Flansburg, nicknamed the "Fastest Human Calculator" by talk show host Regis Philbin, is serving as the Ambassador for World Maths Day. "Everyone has the ability to be good at math and enjoy it, but most people have not learned to do math in a way that works for them", said Flansburg. "The inclusiveness of World Maths Day fundamentally changes the way children perceive math, putting math into an arena previously reserved for sport", he added.

Interested students should register for World Maths Day at www, by March 2nd. Participation is FREE