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World Market is the perfect website for creating affordable edible gifts baskets

World Market is the perfect website for building edible gift baskets and more.
World Market is the perfect website for building edible gift baskets and more.
Ernest Craft, III - Tampa Bay Photography Examiner

World Market's website is full of unique and affordable gift items. The site groups seasonal items together in one place, making shopping easier for customers. Gathering everything needed to create a custom gift basket for any holiday or occasion is as simple as a few clicks. There's a huge selection of food and drink products that can be used to fill a basket with edible gifts from the World Market.

World Market makes creating custom gift baskets affordable and easy.

In addition to traditional flavors, there are dozens of exotic coffees and teas. Coffee lovers are sure to find flavors that they already love, as well as new flavors that they'll love trying for the first time. World Market offers their own brand of teas, and a wide variety of well known and international tea brands. (Shoppers can purchase teapots, tea cups, and tea accessories too.) Syrups for adding extra flavor to coffees and teas are available. Flavored cocoas, including a Hello Kitty Pink Hot Chocolate, can be purchased in individual pouches. The cocoas also come in multiple serving containers. Fruit flavored waters and drink mixes are available from World Market too.

Satisfying a sweet tooth is easy thanks to World Market. The website is a cookie lover's paradise. Rolled wafer cookies come in a variety of flavors, with a variety of fillings. The World Market Rolled Lemon Wafers are light, crispy, lemony, and delicious. The Stauffer's Lemon Snaps are also light and crispy. Visitors of the website will find both familiar brands and novel international brands of cookies. The candies available from World Market are equally fabulous. Well-known brands like Haribo, Jelly Belly, and Pop Rocks are available. Lesser known candies like Chabert & Guillot Vanilla Pistachio Nougat Bars and Gin Gins Spicy Apple Chewy Ginger Candy can become a new favorite when purchased from World Market. Candy lovers might even be surprised to find that some of their favorite candy comes in more varieties than they ever knew. For example, Nestle Kit Kats come in hazelnut, peanut butter, mint, and even orange flavor on the World Market website. There are dozens and dozens of varieties of chocolate, gummy, and novelty candies that would be welcome additions to any gift basket.

World Market has great products for those that like spicy and savory too. They offer seasonings and spice rubs from cultures around the world. Old Bay Seasoning is perfect for every type of seafood. World Grill Moroccan Style BBQ Spicy Harissa Rub adds extra kick to meat. Less experienced cooks will appreciate products like Saffron Road Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce. All anyone has to do is follow the instructions on any of the simmer sauce pouches to create tasty international dishes. Exotic flavors are only a click away for those that love bold, spicy flavors.

A World Market snack basket would make an awesome gift for any occasion. Utz Caramel Clusters Popcorn, milk chocolate covered pretzels, roasted seeds, nuts, dried fruit, cheeses, and crackers are a few of the snacks that can be used to create an edible gifts basket. Sophisticated palates may enjoy snack basket foods like pate, smoked salmon, or a spinach artichoke spread. World Market has something to offer for every food craving.

Prepared gift baskets are definitely available. But World Market has turned creating a customized basket into a three step process. First, shoppers choose the basket of their choice. Next, they shop for the items that they want to include in the basket. Last, shoppers select the packing for their customized basket. Basket options range from adorably cute to classy. No matter what the occasion, World Market has everything necessary to create a unique, affordable gift.

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