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World Magic Cup Chain Veil playmat and Magic 2015

Now only if they gave away high fashion replicas of the real thing.
Now only if they gave away high fashion replicas of the real thing.

The World Magic Cup qualifiers are a couple of months away, but they're kind of a big deal. So the mothership is advertising the kind of swag you can get for playing - a cool promo of the beloved Geist of Saint Traft, and, for the top eight finishers, a playmat with a familiar-looking item of demonic provenance...

Yes, that top 8 playmat features Liliana's Chain Veil in repose on its, uh, display stand. (Who knew Lili was such a careful collector?) This is enough to raise suspicion because it's never been featured prominently in a card art before. Even Liliana of the Veil isn't wearing her power-enhancing boon, which the said card is literally named after. Could this indicate we'll finally see a Chain Veil legendary artifact card in Magic 2015?

Considering Chandra's own Pyromancer's Gauntlet was in Magic 2014, there is precedent in core for something like it. But Chandra was the star of the 2014 promotional material, a role that this year falls to Garruk, not Liliana. If any artifact of the sort would be in the set it'd seem to be Garruk's axe. And the Chain Veil is almost too powerful to be properly represented on a card, much like the pre-Mending planeswalkers. Still, this appears to be a big deliberate hint, and I wouldn't rule it out. If it is indeed in the upcoming core set, that may point to Liliana appearing in Tarkir block, on the next leg of her hunt to break her contracts with her four demonic masters.