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World LNG Fuels 2014 Conference January 21 -23

The World LNG Fuels 2014 Conference was held recently at the George R. Brown Convention Center (see slideshow). LNG stands for liquified natural gas; in other words, liquid methane. Because of the low temperatures, this type of industry is classified as "cryogenic". Thus, equipment and processes that service this industry must have slightly different features than would be normally seen in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries.

Conference Highlights
Conference Highlights
Richard Carranza

Exhibitors of the different types of equipment and services provided to the LNG industry are various:

  • Cryogenic transportation and dispenser trucks.
  • Stirling engines
  • Logistics services
  • Turn key wellhead to customer services
  • Engineering design services
  • Health and Safety

On Tuesday, the luncheon keynote speaker was Doug Suttles, president and CEO of Encana Corporation. Mr. Suttles made two good points. First that the future of LNG is bright because so many applications are now being implemented; for instance, drilling equipment, construction vehicles, and automobiles are being operated on LNG. Secondly, the price of LNG will probably hover around $4 for the forseeable future; and that makes it very economical.

On Wednesday, T. Boone Pickens was the luncheon keynote speaker. Mr. Pickens stated that never in his lifetime would he have necessarily advised someone to go into engineering as opposed to some other field - until now. He says that the future of LNG is so bright that his advice to young people is to go into engineering. He also drove home the point emphatically that at present the USA has no comprehensive energy policy. Mr. Pickens says that this is unacceptable - this country needs a coordinated energy plan for the future.

The conference was filled with panel discussions, evening receptions, plant tours, live entertainment, and presentations. Mark your calendars for next year.

Richard Carranza,,

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