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World leaders issue warning to Russia

Over the past few weeks, the political situation in the Ukraine has been watched closely by millions around the world. Protestors in the Ukraine continue to resist the intervention of Russia in the country, and there is much uncertainty about what the country's future will be.

The president of Ukraine has fled, just as his biggest political opponent was released from prison. Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to the situation in the Ukraine by sending thousands of troops into the country.

Many world leaders, however, including President Obama, have publicly stated that they do not agree with Russia's interference in Ukraine. Some have even gone as far as to call Putin a dictator for this interference.

World leaders, including Obama, have also issued a warning statement saying that there will be consequences for Russia for interfering in the other country. While military action is not an option, there may be economic consequences for Russia. Some companies may reconsider whether or not they want to continue to do business in Russia, following the highly-controversial actions of the Russian president.

The problem with taking economic actions against Russia is that the country is among the largest oil providers in the entire world, which could impact our country as a whole.

What do you think of the situation in Ukraine? Should action of any kind be taken against Russia?

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