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World Industries Mike Vallely Barnyard Model is BACK

The board that changed everything and ushered in the new era of popsicle functionality is once again available for sale. Yup the World Industries Mike Vallely "Barnyard" double tail has been reissued by World. The board originally released in 1989/1990 revolutionized skateboard shapes forever. Brad Dorfman's Vision tried a similar board but got it horribly wrong by making a literal double tail, two fish style tails. The Vallely model had two rounded tapered tails and was much more functional. - Jason Chapman The Global Skateboarding

The revoloutionary World Industries Mike Vallely "Barnyard" Deck size 9.5" x 30.5"
Image provided by The Charmcity Skatepark

To purchase one of these limited edition reissues click here!

"Mike Vallely’s most popular, and maybe World Industries more popular, deck to date, the Barnyard board is being reissued. Made on a Prime (World's California wood manufacturer) mod replica to have the same concave as the original and traced right from Mike V’s personal Barnyard board off his wall. This is as close to the original as you can get." - World Industries


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