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World Governments Demanding a One World Order

Many nations of the world gathered together for a G77 + China Summit to discuss a one world order, in which they could do away with US currency as a means of exchange.

Russia and China have been leading the movement to drop the dollar for a couple of years now. They reportedly have been buying up gold reserves in which had raised a red flag among investors. Russia in particular has been meeting with China and now other nations from around the world regularly, to discuss ways to trade without the use of the US dollar. In one such recent summit in Russia, Putin discussed the strategy that would be needed to overthrow the dollar.

During this AEPC meeting, Putin urged leaders of the world to start using mutual currencies, in fact he said that Russia and China had already accomplished this. He said that this will cause the US to fall back so that other countries would have the chance to rise up. He urged the world to go against the colonizer, the United States of America. That was in 2010, but the speeches continue. How successful has China and Russia become on their quest to overthrow the US currency? Based on these latest events, its seems that they have come a long way, getting many countries and world leaders to buy into the idea of a one world government without the US, and with plenty of help. Things are starting to progress quickly, and recently the biggest player for the cause in getting the world leaders together is UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon.

Ban Ki Moon, the leader of the UN, has a huge incentive to be the recruiter in this One World Order movement started by Russia and China. On May 9th, 2014, Moon meets with Pope Francis where they discussed how the world needs to do more to help the poor and that a redistribution of wealth is needed.

Shortly after on May 20th, Moon attended the International Summit in China where the Russian President and Iranian President showed up unannounced. China and Russia signed a gas agreement that would help to keep Russia from going into a recession. China would loan money to Russia to build the pipelines that would supply natural gas to China for 30 years. Putin took advantage of and pushed the issue that Ban Ki Moon had initiated with the global climate agenda and cleaner fuel. Although China had been importing Liquefied natural gas from other countries, it had been experiencing pollution problems as most of its fuel is currently in the form of coal. The demand for this liquefied natural gas from others countries like the US will go down, having some impact on the global economy. The most attractive aspect in this deal for both parties however, is the ability for China to obtain this fuel through the bypassing of the US dollar.

For the past couple of months, Ban Ki Moon, as well as Russian President Putin have been busy traveling and meeting with leaders from around the world such as in Kenya, Boliva and Haiti pushing their one world order agenda. Coincidentally one of Moon's last stops recently was in China where he discussed the climate change, clean fuel initiative and also highlighted the importance of shaping the new UN global framework.

With over 130 nations of supporters from around the world, the footwork of Putin, Moon and others has paid off, and a one world government is now being put into place. Just one month after this massive fuel deal between China and Russia, the UN led by Ban Ki Moon, holds a meeting with leaders from nations around the world. The topic of discussion is to create a one world government and a one world currency, with the purpose of overriding the US dollar as a medium of exchange. The most outspoken and strongest member of the group China, had a lot to say about the issue. As most of the countries in attendance were poor, the topic of the day was the redistribution of Western wealth placed in the hands of the United Nations. The goal was to damage the US dollar and weaken it, through unilateral trade between nations. There was even a suggestion to abolish the UN security council which many believes, gives a message of war and not peace. The more powerful nations such as Russia and China would have decision making power when it comes to war. As the US was not in attendance, all 130 nations signed on in support to the framework idea of this one world government designed to override US global power, headed by the United Nations.

The Bible says in the end days Babylon will fall, which is the United States of American, because the whole world traded with her, bought and sold from her. But as we can see it is all in the plans of the UN and the nations of the world to see the US, Babylon fall. This will bring about the New World Order, and the agreement signed recently proves that Bible prophecy will soon come to pass. But this will happen after the Bride of Christ is removed and the tribulation hour begins. That is how close it all is. The Bible says that the tribulation is a time of trouble like never seen before on the face of the earth. Famines, diseases, wars and earthquakes will take the lives of billions of people across the planet, and the Bible describes these wars as nuclear. But Jesus said he would come to save those from this hour of trial who have repented and turned from their sins. This event is yet another sign that the tribulation hour is about to begin. But soon the warnings will stop and time will be up! Repeat and ask Jesus into your heart to save you from what is about to come upon the face of the earth. Ask him into your heart today!

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