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World famous magician Jeff McBride in Denver for one night only

Jeff McBride at Mago's Magic Shoppe
Jeff McBride at Mago's Magic Shoppe
Deb Flomberg

Magic is a universal language. It’s an art that transcends time and place, location and culture to bring a little bit of mystery, art and wonder to an enthusiastic audience. There are places of magical gatherings throughout the world, where magicians gather to share information and tricks and to connect over the community in which they thrive. The general public rarely gets a look inside these secretive spots, but when an expert magician takes to the stage, then the public really gets to see the amazement and wonder that is created. Denver is home to a small but growing magic community, with several big national acts stopping by to delight Denver crowds. Tonight, you have a very special opportunity to catch a rare treat, as world famous magician Jeff McBride visits the Mercury Café for one night only.

Jeff McBride has been delighting audiences with his mystery and magic for more than 30 years. He’s been named Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, and has headlined some of the biggest stages in Las Vegas and all over the world, has formed Jeff McBride’s Magic and Mystery School to help educate the magicians of the future and even had the role of Joran created for him on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is an entertainer, a magician, an educator, an actor and a true delight to watch in action. His typical huge stages are always fun to see, but this exciting opportunity to witness him in the intimacy of the Mercury Café in Denver is a one-of-a-kind treat.

“I’ve performed in Denver many times for private shows. But this is the first time my show has ever been open to the public,” offers McBride during a quick trip to Mago’s Magic Shoppe when he first arrived in Denver. McBride was eager to visit this exciting new addition to the magic scene in Denver, as Mago’s was recently awarded Westword’s Best of Denver 2014 for Best Magic Shop.

If you decide to check out McBride’s show at the Mercury Café tonight, you are in for a treat. In addition to a huge magic show, you’ll get a lot of other fascinating information. “I’ll be teaching some of the psychology and philosophy of why magic works, and why magic has lasted over the millennia even in this age of technology,” he explains. “The show is a very progressive magic show. It’s very multicultural. I studied Kabuki in Japan, and classic Comedia Del Arte theater in Italy and martial arts. There is mask work and story telling and live music in the show.” Really, McBride’s show is a special performance that is perfect for all audiences. “Magic is an international language of wonder and it appeals to the largest demographic. Parents can come, grandparents can come, young people can come.”

Forget going for your usual dinner and a movie tonight and visit the Mercury Café for this one-night-only show. It’s a very special chance to see a world-renowned magician in an intimate setting that is unlike anything else in the world. Then, head down to Mago’s Magic Shop tomorrow and pick up a few tricks to start learning on your own. Before you know it, you’ll be delighting your friends and family as well. After all, as McBride so beautifully explains, “Magic has the power to captivate the imagination and inspire and remind us that anything is possible.”

Check it out:
Jeff McBride at The Mercury Café

Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM
Tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children under 12
Call (303) 294-9258 to reserve your seats

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