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yes we can
yes we can

Recently each year there are world leaders and decision makers from all sectors and political viewpoints coming together to discuss changes and innovations to energy needs and the factors such as world population, climate change, and current population needs.( This summit costs more than I can afford to attend though it seems well documented enough to help inspire us at any level of desire to share the messages of hope and change and bring about our local needed changes.

I used to be involved with a few groups here locally that focused more on energy reduction but either I've lost the loop or the attraction of the inaction and/ or the direction some take just don't get my attention. Don't get me wrong as we do have some wonderfully aware activist actions that stand up to some of the environmental and social wrongs that try to encroach,I've just become a product of my environment that wrestles with his latest appointment to yay and nay. A few of us still like to share messages from things we continue to learn about and post them on various social media sites and the following one works to get the attention of a few of use in hopes to keep the fire burning. (

With what seems like daily oil spills lately we surely must find a way to address energy needs on a global level and the threads of all that are the engines to our concerns such as current and forecast-ed world population growth which obviously creates a greater need for all on a limited resource planet. I still have faith that we are on a caring and loving paradigm shift away from the greed that has controlled our laws and decisions for far too long, may the generations that take control be of the true educated and caring variety.

May my each day be one of mindfulness and desire to do the next right thing for our gracious Mother Earth and all that she holds dear

Shake it, shake it, Sugaree

Peace and love


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