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World Dreams Peace Bridge celebrates 10 years

World Dreams Peace Bridge celebrates 10 years
World Dreams Peace Bridge celebrates 10 years
Image courtesy of Jean Campbell

"If you believe we can dream predicatively; and you believe the future is not fixed, but that we may be making it up as we go along; how would you like to join me in dreaming up some world peace?"

-Jean Campbell's post 9/11 article "Dealing With Precognitive Dreamer Guilt"

Dream pioneer, activist and author, Jean Campbell is celebrating. After writing to a group of fifty precognitive dreamers in 2001 and asking them to join her in dreaming up some peace, the overwhelming reponse led to the World Dreams Peace Bridge, an Internet-based, global group of dream adventurers, who have shared their lives and their dreams. This dream of peace, along with incredible courage and activism, has stayed alive for 10 years and for good reason.

Since then in 2003, the Bridge, dreamed the children of Iraq, and have raised nearly $100,000 in aid for Iraqi refugees. In 2009, dream sharing may have saved the life of an Iranian member who joined protesters in the streets of Tehran. Through long practice, members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge have recognized the amazing synergy created by sharing dreams: both through telling them and by honoring the group dream through action.

So how can you support the Bridge?

Campbell writes, "Seldom in the history of the Peace Bridge have we asked for funds specifically for use by the Bridge, even though we have passed along the benefits of dreams and thousands of dollars to children and others suffering the gravest traumas of the decade. But now we are asking for your faith in our particular way of envisioning the world, a belief that we might be able to follow our dreams to a reality, where children live to dream the future for us all."

The Bridge is also offering a Global Peace Dream Basket full of international gifts valued at over $500 that anyone can win by believing enough in the work of the PeaceBridgeto donate $25 or more to our peace projects fund.

Join them in celebration at their website for the opportunity to win the basket and learn more about the Bridge.

Jean Campbell writes “As dreamers, we are all from one family. We share our love, our hopes, our fears. As global representatives of the dreaming family, we can make change in the world. Ten years of online dream sharing makes the World Dreams Peace Bridge the longest-lived, continuous dream group on the Internet. Ten years of honoring dreams with action has allowed us to touch the world! If you cannot donate financially at this time, send a hope for world peace to the creator of all our dreams. And thank you always for being part of the World Dreams Peace Bridge. There can never be too many people dreaming of peace!"

Jean Campbell is CEO of the iMAGE Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which sponsors the World Dreams Peace Bridge. She is the author of numerous books and articles on dreams, including Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power (2006, Wordminder Press). She has served on the Board of the International Association for the Study of Dreams since 2003, including terms as both President and Chair of the Board. Her work with IASD involves hosting the popular annual PsiberDreaming Online Conference, which provides cutting-edge research involving dreams and consciousness.

The World Dreams Peace Bridge is part of The iMAGE Project, a 501(c)3 USnonprofit organization. During the period of this drawing (October 1 through midnight of December 1, 2011) donations can be made to The iMAGE Project, either online through our PayPal account, or via check to The iMAGE Project, 201 Woods Gap Rd. SE, Floyd VA 24091 USA. Donations should be marked WorldDreamsPeaceBridgeor Global Peace Dream Basket.

To join the World Dreams Peace Bridge discussion list, send an e-mail to:

For more information contact Jean Campbell at or visit World Dreams Peace Bridge.