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World Cup : USA Team

Let your kids explore their world by viewing the World Cup on Television and Web. The American Team ( World Cup Soccer Games) just won yesterday over Ghana. There are other games they will be playing in the World Cup. This is a great time to consider getting your kids involved in soccer and enjoy some time together seeing the American team play in Brazil. It was a magical moment as I saw the American team play yesterday and win over Ghana. I enjoyed that moment with my own two kids. I think having a World Cup Party at home with your home school kids will let them explore new places and ideas. You can start by going to the Wilkes Public Library and learning about Ghana or Brazil. Learning about these far away places. You can also search for the history of Soccer in the world and learn who are the best players.

Take time to learn more about the American players who played that magical game in Brazil. You can still find that game on the web and see it with your home schooling family. Make it an experience. I will keep following Team USA with my kids. It was such a magical game. Learn all about Team USA at : Try putting your kids in Soccer camp this summer and let them explore the sport.

Learn more about each player in the USA Team. Lets support them and show our kids a love of soccer.

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