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World Cup Semi Finals, Day 3

The quarterfinals are coming into sight, but we still have a couple of days to go until the final 8 are decided. This means a couple more days of imbibing the special beverages of the nations still duking it out for the final spots. Game one, Argentina vs. Switzerland. An Argentina favorite cocktail uses an Italian apperitivo. They love to drink Fernet Branca with Coke. Of course the rise of Argentinean wines has been fast and furious. It is hard to find anyone who isn’t a fan of Malbec from Argentina’s Mendoza region. And don’t forget about white wine, for hot steamy days it is hard to ignore Torrontes. This crisp white wine is grown in Mendoza, but look for a bottle from the northern part of Argentina, Salta, and the high altitude keeps the wine dry with a nice floral nose and a citrusy palate. Of course they drink plenty of beer in Argentina, Quilmes, a light easy to drink pilsner style lager. Switzerland is no slouch in the drinks department. Wine is produced, mostly in the Italian speaking part of the country. For beer, Semi Claus is brewed once a year around Christmas time and ages 10 months before it is released. It comes in at a whopping 14% alcohol and was once the world’s strongest beers. Unfortunately the original brewery was bought out in the late 1990’s but it is now being brewed again in Austria. I’ll still give it to Switzerland.
Game 2, USA vs. Belgium. Belgium brews hundred of beers in all styles. For the Belgian fan beer is the obvious choice, the hard part is deciding which one to drink. If it is too hot and steamy a lighter ale brewed with some wheat might just be the perfect choice. Beer is also a great option for American fans. Beer and sports are a national pastime. Luckily you don’t have to settle for flavorless mass produced lagers anymore. Craft brewers are giving us plenty of great options. Wine is also a great fit, while California still produces the lion’s share of American wine, now every state in the union produces some type of wine. Search out a wine from a state not previously known for wine. Don’t forget our homegrown whiskey. Bourbon is all the rage these days, craft distillers are turning out high quality bourbons, great for sipping or for a creative cocktail.
Looking for a special place to watch the game? This great news was sent out by Tony Albelo, direction of Grovetoberfest and Sprung!

“The largest watch party in Miami will be in Wynwood at a pop-up stadium called - Wynwood Stadium. We know it's creative. But the neat part is that it has plenty of space, a jumbo 240" LCD screen, and cool activities. Best of all it's free!
So mark it on your calendar, invite your friends and support USMNT!
The game is TUESDAY JULY 1 at 4:00, but we suggest getting there early and grabbing good seats.
The Wynwood Stadium is right on 2nd Avenue and 22 St - a block from Panther Coffee.”

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