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World Cup Qualifications

The Montreal Italian community celebrate Italy's World Cup win in 2006
The Montreal Italian community celebrate Italy's World Cup win in 2006
F. Lipari

France 1 – Ireland 1 (France advance 2-1 on aggregate)
The Montreal Irish community is in total shock this evening after a blatant handball was missed by the referees which cost Ireland a trip to the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Ireland was leading by one goal over France in extra time when Thierry Henry handled the ball in the area before sending in a cross for William Gallas who easily put ball in the back of the net. That goal was enough to send France to South Africa and eliminate Ireland. Ireland played a magnificent game and they did not deserve this unfair finish. Than hand ball by Henry was so clear and obvious but was “shockingly” missed by both the referee and assistant referee. My heart goes out to the Montreal Irish fans tonight as they certainly feel cheated and frankly they were.

Algeria 1 – Egypt 0
The streets of Montreal more specifically Jean-Talon was filled with cars and people this Wednesday afternoon. Algerian flags were waiving and cars were honking their horns as Algeria beat Egypt by one goal to qualify for their first World Cup in over 20 years. It was a great battle and a single goal separated the two teams. This victory means a lot to all Algerian community across Montreal as they have always been true soccer enthusiasts. Congratulations Algeria and to Algerian assistant coach Zoheir Djelloul who spent some time here in Montreal coaching R.D.P. Senior AAA over 10 years ago.

Greece 1 – Ukraine 0
Greek homes will be flowing with Ouzo tonight as they celebrate Greece’s World Cup qualification. Greece needed a win in Ukraine to qualify and a goal from Salpingidis was enough to send the Montreal Greek community into pandemonium. Greece will be looking to repeat their 2004 exploit which saw them take home the Euro Cup in Portugal.

Portugal 1 – Bosnia 0
Parc Avenue was filled with Portuguese fans today as they too celebrated a birth into the World Cup finals in South Africa. Portugal went into this playoff without their star player Ronaldo but they held their ground for two important victories versus a tough Bosnian side.