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World Cup means more money for sport bar personnel

People who work in Miami area sports bars did very well during the World Cup championship between Germany and Argentina. When Germany won the World Cup, many of the patrons order more drinks and thus ran up the bar tab. This meant more tips for wait staff and bar tenders.

"I love major sports events because I make a lot more money. People are in a better mood when their team wins and they are more willing to spend money on food and drinks. This means more money for me and people who work with me," said Craig Aleman, a waiter in Miami.

"A lot of the people who eat and drink at my bar are big fans of Argentina. A lot of them came out to my bar to eat, drink and spend money. And I really like it when people spend money at my bar because I end up getting more money," said Rachel Brands. She works at a bar in Miami.

"I wish we have more championship events. It means more business and more money for me in tips. Hopefully we will have even more events like this in the future. It is exciting and we all have fun," said Raymond Tolling. He waits tables in Miami.

Others don't make as much money during big sports events. "I am not sure if sports events like the World Cup mean more money. "I did OK during the World Cup and the NBA finals. But I did not do that much better. But the sports events are fun and I think everyone has a good time watching them," said Marianne Rodriguez, a waitress in North Miami.

Bryan McNally said he has seen business at his restaurant pick up during major sports events but not that much. "We are a sports themed bar and people will come and watch sports events here even if there are no big games going on. We had a few more fans from Argentina," said McNally, a restaurant manager in Miami.

Some of the German fans decided to buy an extra round of beer when their team won. "I have a lot of German customers and they were so happy when their time won, they bought some more beer," said Harold Goldman, a restaurant manager in Miami.

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