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World Cup coin toss? US could be forced to decide heads or tails to advance

World Cup fans watch the game on Sunday
World Cup fans watch the game on Sunday
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

World Cup fans got a great game watching US and Portugal compete on Sunday. The two teams seemed to be fighting for their advancement to the next round and the game ended up in a draw, 2-2. It also put the hope that the US team would be advancing into question. In fact, some viewers are wondering if this team is ready to compete against Germany, or if the fate of the players will rely on a coin toss. According to CBS Sports on Monday, the US has much to be proud of after defeating an excellent Ghana team and fighting back from a 1-0 deficit to earn a point against a Portugal team ranked in the world's top five.

However, that still doesn’t help the team advance after the game on Sunday as the decision might end up in a coin toss if the US team doesn’t beat Germany in the next game of play. According to Business Insider, the revelation of what might be next for the team could be shared by a toss of a coin. That's right, if the teams come up in the rankings once again in a draw, a coin would be the deciding factor.

The scenario would be that Portugal beats Ghana, U.S. loses to Germany, Portugal makes up exactly five goals in goal difference with the U.S. and then Portugal scores exactly two more goals than the U.S. does. This would mean to advance that US would need to flip a coin and call heads or tails.

The World Cup has fans on the edge of their seats, but this scenario of who might advance shouldn’t be taken lightly. So far the world has watched as teams who were predicted to go all the way have failed and those less admired have taken over.

For US to grab a place for the next round all the team needs to do is beat Germany. The fans will be watching to see what the team has, but don’t be surprised at the outcome as anything is possible at the World Cup.