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World Cup 2014 tickets expensive? US vs. Germany tickets cost over 900 bucks

World Cup tickets cost big bucks when US and Germany play
World Cup tickets cost big bucks when US and Germany play
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Team US is starting to create a buzz when it comes to the World Cup. Before the team arrived for the big games, fans in the United States weren’t very interested. Now that the team beat Ghana and is looking to win over Portugal, there appears to be plenty of fans ready to cheer on the team. According to Forbes on Friday, if fans are looking to cheer on the team in person it’s a good idea to get out the wallet. A ticket for the upcoming game where US takes on Germany will cost you over $900 a ticket. With limited supplies left, fans who haven’t got a ticket might be out of luck for a spot to watch the game live.

One of the most expensive qualifying rounds for the World Cup rotation, it might not be because the Americans are playing so good. It’s actually because they will be competing against Germany who is the 2nd best ranked team in the world. This game is going to be a pivoting point for both teams and fans want to be involved in every moment that they can watch.

Americans have always been interested in their hometown teams, but the prices for the tickets are quite high. The game between US and Germany is the sixth most expensive game in the preliminary round and the viewership from the fans at home is expected to be big as well.

So how does the ticket prices compare to the US vs. Portugal tickets sold for the game on Sunday? The game with Cristiano Ronaldo (who is considered the best player in the game) is currently selling around $400 a ticket. Not only it is substantially less, there are still tickets available for the game.

While the fans of Team USA might not know what to expect from the team, it appears they are ready to support. With their own special chant that is screamed from the crowds, there is no doubt that it doesn't matter if the competition is Germany or Portugal, the crowds will be wearing red, white and blue.