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World Cup 2014 odds: Brazil, Argentina, Germany favored to win

World Cup odds still put Brazil on top
World Cup odds still put Brazil on top
Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

The fans of the World Cup games have 16 teams to watch in the next few weeks to determine who goes home the winner. With FIFA announcing the remaining schedule on Thursday, the fans are looking at the matchups and considering the odds. Apparently, it appears that the host country is most likely to take home the win, if the odds are to be believed. According to Thirty Five Eight on Friday, the latest odds based on the Knockout Rounds has the country of Brazil winning the World Cup.

The World Cup odds maker is highly regarded as one of the top places for people to review and consider the standings of the big game. Putting together a table to show each team’s SPI score and its chance of reaching each round of the knockout stage and its chance of winning the World Cup, the data is based on ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (SPI.) This is a system that combines game and player performance and is based on ratings to estimate a team’s overall skill level. A quite complex overview that gives an interesting odd ratio of the games, so far it has been fairly accurate.

According to Business Insider, Brazil is still the heavy favorite with a 36% chance to win the World Cup. The team’s chances remain unchanged over the past week with the data, but have moved placement on the ratings chart since the beginning of the tournament as it started with a 45% chance of winning the World Cup. Argentina and Germany are also possible countries that could bring home the hardware.

The odds of winning might not be as important as the odds of the knockout rounds. The teams are going to be tough and the excitement of making it this far in the competition is going to have a big impact on the players as they know pushing on will mean winning the world cup.

Who will win for sure? The final World Cup game is on July 13th and the two best teams will be on the field looking to bring home the trophy for their country. Everyone in America hopes it will be the U.S. Team!