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World Cup 2014: Ghana vs Germany draw helps US Team? Scenarios for USA advancing

How does the Ghana vs Germany tie help US Team?
How does the Ghana vs Germany tie help US Team?
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The World Cup has been anything but boring as there is passion on the field and the fans could feel it. As the play on Saturday revealed, there is a tough group of players looking to win. For the Ghana versus Germany game on Saturday, the live crowd could also feel the humidity and players seemed to keep focused on the game (and less about the uncomfortable conditions.) According to Fox Sports on Saturday, the temperature at kickoff was just a single degree below the mandatory water-break threshold.

So what does the Ghana and Germany tie means for Team US in the standings? Depending on how the team plays on Sunday, US could be advancing with ease and this is quite surprising as many fans thought the team was doomed from the beginning.

Playing out the scenarios for the fans, Yahoo Sports on Saturday gave everyone a glimpse of how it might look on Monday morning after the US and Portugal game. The U.S. team will advance for sure if Team US beats Portugal or; Team US draws with Portugal and beats or draws with Germany. If Team US loses to Portugal on Sunday, they can still advance if they beat Germany. The final scenario is far more complicated. If US loses to Portugal by fewer than three goals and both USA-Germany and Portugal-Ghana end in ties, then the American team would move forward as well.

The idea of the American team advancing to the next round has fans in the United States excited. Getting ready to cheer on the team and offer support, it appears the sports enthusiasts would prefer is the US team would just beat Portugal. And secure a spot.

While the World Cup is extremely unpredictable in 2014, it appears that the American fans are getting a chance to be involved with the sport more than ever. Looking to see how far the team goes, everyone hopes that the team goes all the way. As fans know that might be tougher than said as the other teams are wanting the same spots as the Americans.