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World Cup 2014 best bars in New York City to view game UPDATED

Colorful times await at these bars

The World Cup is the world's biggest sporting event, with only the Summer Olympics playing a close second. There are very few places in the United States more into the game than the international community here in NYC, where there are a high number of South Americans, Africans, Asia and of course Europeans spread throughout the city and all with big ethnic neighborhoods. So I'm here to give you some of the best places to have a good time from home to the usual standouts to great ex patriots bars which are the best place to see Cup action.

Home: There a lot of games over the the course over the next month and you ain't going to all of them. So I have a got a good idea here, Spiegelau the craft beer glass maker has got a great six pack of IPA with the crafted glasses to go with it for around $50. You would spend $12-$18 on good beer anyway at least get some great glasses to go with it for some of your and your closest associates and friends. Other than that, home is home and its always there so make this your cheap and easy final resort.

The Constant steadies: These bars are always good places to watch a match and I highly recommend them because of the people, quality of drinks and of course vibes. Some will be in midtown, some the Village, Upper West side, and Brooklyn but they always have a good atmosphere that will only get better. Other notes I have made is specifically about the bars.

Villlage Pourhouse: Various locations fromMidtown Manhattan to Upper West side and Hoboken. I like these bars due to the number of draft beers on tap. When watching the game you need simple drinks cause its too much volume to be doing fancy time consuming cocktails and if your that joker don't be surprised when you everyone gives you that disapproving glare cause they can't order their drinks due to you. Again hit this link for Pourhouse locations.

Nevada Smith's: This is the premier soccer bar in the NYC. GET HERE EARLY. This places is going to be packed for every game and especially nations with big fans followings, like Italy, England, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Argentina, you know the teams they will be even harder to get into.

Woodworks: This is Brooklyn's premier sports bar and like Nevada Smith's this will be packed. Little not though I like the food a lot in here, they probably have the best menu of a sports bar.

Brinkley's station: The Broome street location of this bar is one of the most well rounded bars of this write up. Brinkley's is hip, fun, and a fun way to bring someone who would rather be known for being "heady" than understanding a "header" to and peacefully co exist with a true fan of the sport. Its in Soho so expect style and fashion, and yet homely like a local bar. Great spot and I must mention GREAT FOOD.

Foley's and Legends: Foley's is one of the best sports bars in Midtown Manhattan, if nothing else you gotta love the memorabilia and Legends is right next door on 33rd street off 5th ave. Legends is a classic large Midtown sports bar.

Ex Patriots bars:

Portugal/Brazil: Brazil has such a big following from always being great that they'll have a big crowd wherever they go. The best place though for both Brazilian and Portugese bars is the Ironbound in Newark. Take the Path or Amtrak to Newark Penn Station and find signs right outside the station find the signs to walk 3 blocks to a Portugese and Brazilian neighborhood. Every spot with a tv will be rocking, just take your pick of the vibe but get there 30 minutes before kickoff to give yourself a chance.

West Africa and especially Ghana: The U.S. first game is against Ghana, so that game will be easy to see. The best place for West African spots in the city is off 116th street in Harlem at Harlem Tavern, and also the Shrine near 135th street and 7th Avenue. The owners of the Shrine is West African and I've been in their for sporting events and it will be rocking!!Another good suggestion is Meytex Cafe, in my neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts Gardens on Flatbush Ave just off Empire. Its a Ghanaian spot, so it will be rocking.

Russian: Take the Q or B train down to Brighton beach, and one off the train look for any small cafe with a tv when Russia is playing.

Korea: This will be an interesting threa, Korea town is on 32nd street between 5th and 6th Avenue. I would guess that a lot of places that have Karaoke will have the game on because everybody will be watching or try the K town Bar on 17 W. 32nd street.

Columbia: There is a huge Columbian population in Jackson Heights, Queens and I actually like going to some of the bars to imbibe a drink or two. Head to 82nd street and Roosevelt avenue and look for the little sports bars like Gato Verde Sports Bar to sit and watch. I expect some of the little restaurants will all be affixed to the game, because not only is this the World Cup but this one is in South America, this is as close as Columbia may come to being a host country.

Greece: Astoria, Queens is the best place for Greek culture in NYC. So I would head to Gleason's and BlackBird's bar. For early games I would pop into Broadway Station right off the Broadway stop on the N,Q and come to think of it the aformentioned Gleason's is open usually at 11am. Of those three Blackbird's has the best food and most tv's, while the other two are homey and enjoyable but usually not very bustling or energetic.

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