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World Communion Sunday is for introverts, too

Does your church welcome both extroverts and introverts?
Does your church welcome both extroverts and introverts?
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The coming out of shy people

Sometimes the signs are everywhere, all around you. For some reason, on World Communion Sunday, October 6th, there was a whole slew of web articles that lifted up introverts – more than ample proof that God’s love extends not only to different people, different cultures, and different nations, but also people of different personalities and persuasions, including introverts!

After all, wasn’t it Moses who told God, “Why did you pick me, God? I don’t feel comfortable speaking in public” (or something like that, paraphrased, of course)? And God replied, “Aaron will speak for you.” So even back then, the differences were quite evident for all to see.

Sunday’s signs

Here are the coincidental news items from World Communion Sunday, October 3:

  • An article from the Yahoo news service extolled the differences between extroverts and introverts, basically affirming that introverts are okay just as they are. Introverts aren’t sick, maladjusted, or weird – simply differently-abled, talented in more “quiet” ways, and certainly a power in their own right, who definitely have something to offer the world.
  • Another web article, on televangelist Joel Osteen, revealed that the world-famous preacher confessed to being “naturally shy and more reserved.” To see a video of the Good Morning America interview in which Osteen discusses his “quiet” ways, go to
  • Finally, the Idealist blog, in a story giving those in the non-profit sector some helpful advice on how to deal with obstacles like the fear of talking to strangers, presented a great new video called “Take a seat – make a friend?” produced by the SoulPancake organization. In it, a whole series of strangers are invited to sit down, two-by-two, in a colorful ballpit on a busy downtown street corner (more than likely in Los Angeles). By responding to icebreaker-type questions printed on some of the balls, they open up their lives to each other, overcoming whatever anxieties they may have had about talking to strangers, and public speaking in general. Check out the video at

Connection with World Communion Sunday

As the entire Christian world comes around the communion table on October 6, most ministers are telling their flocks that this symbolic act expresses the putting aside of differences, whether they be racial, political, gender-related, religious orientation, or other. The driving spirit behind this is the fact that God loves us all, male and female, young and old, rich and poor, Christian and Muslim, spiritually liberal or conservative, introverted and extroverted. And we all have something we can learn from each other. And by coming together at the table (or the chairs of that Los Angeles ballpit), we find things we have in common, and discover ways we can share ourselves with the world.

What better way to celebrate World Communion Sunday?

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