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World class escorts? There's an app for that!

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Move over Angie's List. Get out of the way Craigslist, and make way for JonsList. Yes, is a new and innovative tool for the adult industry that offers a directory of "the finest" adult services, entertainers, and escorts from Australia and around the globe according to (No nudity -SFW)

There's nothing else out there like it.

The site has been active for nearly a year and has seen substantial growth and use by customers and clients. As a result, they are upgrading to include a new feature for their app that will introduce a live chat that brings customers and service providers face to face like never before. It's the Jetsons meets the adult industry. Remember the video phones in the cartoon?

How does it work?

They use GPS technology to hook up clients with the most prestigious escorts and entertainers in that client's local area. Spokesperson Lucy Butters states she is very excited and that "JonsList is taking an age old profession and integrating it with the latest and greatest technologies available, it’s a deadly combination”.

Their motto; We're mobile because you are!"

The new app puts the worlds of adult entertainment into the pocket and purse of every man or women seeking discreet adult fun.

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