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World autism month sparks new awareness

The power of family
The power of family

"Wow, autism is everywhere, what do you think is the cause?" says a co-worker. The truth is, there are no exact answers. What we do know is that thousands of individuals who are now living with autism, need community, awareness, and support. We chose to write a letter to family, friends, and asked them to pay it forward, by spreading the word of autism. Below is our letter. Contour your own, and make a difference.

Dear Friends and Family,

Back in 1987, we left the hospital with our four bundles of joy, prepared for an adventure, of love,
laughter and challenges related to diapers, feedings, and four babies crawling in different directions.

Little did we know, our trials were just beginning; the most devastating and lonely years were yet to grab us with a stranglehold, so indescribable that we are still trying to figure it out: Autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder that impacts a person’s ability to communicate and socialize.Individuals with autism often have repetitive behaviors and debilitating medical issues. AutismIs the FASTEST growing serious developmental disability in the U.S. and it can occur when there is no family history

We had no idea what hit us, and after years of speech, occupational, behavioral, physical, and play
therapies, he remained our work in progress, and what a stunning human being is our son Paul! He
makes our struggles look easy, compared to how hard he strives to live with his autism.

Look to the right of you and the left of you. Autism will be a part of your life, if not today, soon. Staggering numbers of 1 in 42 boys are unpalatable. We cannot imagine this frightening truth assessed by the National Institute of Health. The numbers are growing and in the wrong direction.

Because of Paul, we created “Paulie’s Promise”, our walk team for Autism Speaks. This will be our 13th year promoting research and awareness. This year, I am walk co-chair, and I add the need for community to our goal. We need you. We need you to spread the word to employers, first responders, schools, places of worship, and town government. The ripple effect is contagious.

Autistic children need you. Autistic adults need you. Paulie needs you. He is our leader. He is fierce, he is strong, he is curious, he is loving, he is caring, he makes us want to be a better person, he rocks our world. He is the Paulie you see in pictures, or speak to on the phone, or hear wonderful stories about. He is the face of an adult with autism.

Please join us on Sunday June 1st at NY-Presbyterian Hospital, White Plains NY. Walk with us, in spirit or donation: and spread the word of autism. (Check in 9:00 am; Walk Start: 11:00 am.)
With love and thanks,
Danny, Robin, Sabrina, Jesse, Tyler and Paul Morris

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