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World autism day

April 2 is world autism day, and April is autism month. Autism is a disability that affects thousands of people. Autism is often misunderstood, and society does not know how to react. However, through increasing awareness, autism is slowly being more accepted.

Many people do not realize how intelligent people with autism really are. Several are even genius level intelligence. They might not be able to communicate back but they understand maybe even more than you.

Autism falls into a spectrum disorder. That means that there is a long range of capabilities. Some with autism need more help than others. Several people with autism just need assistance and understanding with social skills.

April is autism awareness month. April 2 is worldwide autism day. What can we do? Be supportive of those with autism and their families. Pity isn't needed. Understanding, empathy, humor and humanity is needed.

So pull out your favorite blue outfit and wear it proudly on April 2. Educate others about autism. Don't hide from someone with autism, understand them.

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