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World AIDS Day and Christians

World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day 2009

As Christians we should have compassion for all who suffer. This, of course, includes those who are HIV positive and/or have AIDS. There are many people, Christians among them, who provides support and ministries to AIDS victims. But because there is often a stigma attached to AIDS that it is a disease of homosexuals some Christians have a problem. And this is because some Christians have a problem with sexual orientations other than heterosexual.

Regardless of what one believes about sexual orientation a person can be compassionate for anyone who suffers. So on this World AIDS Day (December 1) take a moment to consider what life is like for those who have AIDS. And take a moment to remember the many who have died.

Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque is holding an Interfaith memorial service this evening at 7pm. The Service will remember those we have lost from AIDS and those who are living with AIDS.

Bring a picture of someone you know who has passed away from AIDS and during the service we will take time to remember them.