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World according to Curt; Immigration

Protesters at a rally on May 1, 2010
Protesters at a rally on May 1, 2010
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I was talking with a few friends about immigration and the five students that were forced to leave school because they were wearing US flag apparel. The conversion was pretty normal for the topic; until, some one made the comment about “they live in America and if they do not like it they should just go home.”

I would normally would just agree and go onto another topic; however, this time I needed to make on observation. I believe that many Latinos believe that Arizona, California and most of the southwest in general still belongs to Mexico. I am not sure what they history is taught down in Mexico or in family homes. However, look at some of the signs that young protesters held at the Protests in April and May.

They will hold up a sign where Mexico claims Texas up to Oregon border. You know the land maps before the US-Mexican war of 1846. The war were the United States went to war over the boundaries of the new state of Texas and territories out west and Mexico lost 2/3's of it's territory after it was over. For some reason, immigrates just do not believe that this war, one that Mexico started, ever happen.

Like I have always said and it has been proven many times, “to the victor goes the spoils.” The United States won this war and through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo we gain all this territory legally. We also could have took all of Mexico. We had troops in Mexico City and the Mexican government broke and in tatters. I sometimes I wish we did take all of it. We could be a different country than we are now.

Not only did we have the rights to the land as victors; we paid $18,250,000 and owned the land outright. Only the United States would be dragged into a war and win, then pay for the land that was clearly won.

However, this is not the topic of today's article. It is clear that Latinos are learning or choose to learn selective history. In their minds the Mexican-American war or the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo never happen. This is the reason why many students do not feel like they should go home; because, they believe they are home.

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