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Workshop highlights 3 d's of investing

Capital Region families have two opportunities this week to get sound information on the world of investing. We must become savers and investors...for today's emergencies, for the kids' education, for our own retirement.

To stay ahead of the money game, families must invest.
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The Point Cafe, located in Rotterdam, will host two workshops on Wednesday, April 23 and Saturday, April 25. Both sessions, with reduced dinner selections available, begin at 6:00 pm.

Participants will get the basics on mutual funds, opportunities for individuals, together with many other investors, to pool their money. Professional money managers invest the “pool," keeping the investments under constant supervision. The money managers use their knowledge of securities and changing market conditions to invest the pooled assets in many different companies within a variety of industries.

What are the 3 “d's” of investing?

  1. Dollar-Cost Averaging. Dollar-cost averaging means investing a certain fixed amount each month, regardless of what’s happening in the stock market. This eliminates having to predict when to invest as you will be able to take advantage of the market highs and lows – by purchasing fewer units when the prices are high and more units when the prices are low. While dollar-cost averaging can’t assure a profit or protect against loss, it does show how a systematic investing plan, sustained over a period of time has the potential to pay off, relieving your worries about whether the market is up or down.
  2. Discipline. By staying focused and staying invested through all market activity, you can increase your long-term potential because missing even a handful of the best-performing days in the market over time can considerably diminish your returns. Experts say market “timing” is a bad way to invest. The key is to maintain a long-term view and stay focused on your goals.
  3. Diversification. Because there is no single, perfect investment, take advantage of the next best thing, which is to build your portfolio by balancing a variety of investments. Together these investments help you achieve your goals and reduce your portfolio’s risk. This may also work to increase returns by offsetting losses in one asset class with an opportunity for gains in another. Diversification does not assure a profit or pro- tect against loss.

Investing, even on a beginning basis, is the only way to grow your money. Join the workshop this week to learn more. The Point Cafe is located at 936 Heldeberg Ave., Rotterdam.

Dave Balog teaches financial basics for families. 355-0967.

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