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Works of Two Hybrid Artists Comes to SF’s Asian Art Museum

This coming Tuesday, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco brings the art of two hybrid artists for a new exhibition. Titled From Two Arises Three, it is a collaborative feature of ink painter Arnold Chang and photographer Michael Cherney, who since 2009 and after meeting in 2007 for the first time, they have been creating joint works exploring the differences and highlighted similarities between the traditional Chinese ink painting and contemporary art. The title comes from the description Tao Te Ching (Daodejing), which tells how the works of two artists allows for the creation of a third space.

Twenty works are featured, some of which are individual efforts (including Chang’s whimsical-like Mindscape (2011.6) and Cherney’s scenic Leaf 16), and others are collaborative (including the Huang Gongwang series). Nineteen of these works can be seen on the Asian Art Museum website at

On July 14th at 7pm, the day before the opening of the exhibition, both Chang and Cherney will be on hand for an evening talk at the Nan Hai Art Lecture Hall, located at 510 Broadway, Suite 302 in Millbrae. Both artists will be talking about their collaborative and solo works. Log on to to RSVP, a link can be found at the Asian Art Museum’s website.

In a little information about Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney, both artists are New York-born, and they have both been known for their approaches to traditional and contemporary approaches to art, including creating works that bridged between Asian and Western artistic modes. From Two Arises Three is on view until March 1st, 2015.

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