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Workplace stress is alive and growing

Changes in the workplace environment can be just as traumatic as violence in the workplace. Competitive, outcomes and performance-based have become the buzz words in the workplace industry for quite some time now. While having to respond to multiple and changing demands within the workplace definitely impacts productivity and moral; it helps to know some key factors that can either support or work against you during these traumatic times.

Do a self-check of your awareness and ability to adapt. This can be the difference between sustainability, growth, re-inventing and/or packing up and leaving.

1. Consider how you truly feel about the work that you do.
a. It can either align with or undermine your work performance and thus your sustainability.
b. It can determine how you experience work and how you transfer those feelings in the work environment.
c. It can determine how you and your colleagues support one another (positively/negatively).
d. Understand your workplace culture because everyone doesn’t share the same workplace values and/or ethics.
2. Consider how you obtain the support that’s needed.
a. Are you voicing your legitimate needs to the right audience or the busy bodies that can’t help you?
b. Are you doing ALL that you can do, when you’re able to or just enough to get by or save you from termination?
c. Are you as vested in your career and the stability and growth of your organization/institution?
3. Consider how you process information regarding work?
a. Are you aware of and preparing for organizational changes?
b. Do you internalize changes from an informed or personalized perspective?
c. Are you able to keep up with and increase your performance?

Hopefully these considerations are food for thought and longevity in any workplace.

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