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Workplace romance: thoughts before taking the plunge

Workplace romance: thoughts before taking the plunge
Workplace romance: thoughts before taking the plunge

Romance is always in season, and more and more people are finding love right under their noses—where they work. You may have already traveled that road at some point, but whether you’re an office romance rookie or one of its past victims, here are three things to take into consideration before taking the plunge this time:

  1. Think worst-case scenario and balance the risk with the possible best case. If you date, hook up, or fall in love with a colleague at work, and then break up, you’re going to see that person in the office, daily. In fact, you may see him or her dating someone else. Do you have the fortitude to handle rejection? Do you have the grace? If the answer is yes, then proceed with caution. If it’s no, then look outside the office for love.
  1. Agree to maintain love boundaries at work. No sex in the bathroom, the locker room, or the boardroom. You think I’m kidding? Keep romantic gestures outside the office. It may seem like you’re restricting your relationship, but you may actually be stoking the romantic fires by creating a “no-fly zone” at work.
  1. Don’t gossip about yourselves at work. You’re not the first or last person to date at the office — in fact you may not be the first or last person to date the person you’re now dating at the office. Work romance is not for sissies. Put on your big girl (or boy) panties if you’re going to date at work, and zip it at the water cooler.

Nicknamed “the new millennium’s Dear Abby” by the media, April Masini writes the critically acclaimed Ask April advice column, is the author of four books, and has been interviewed for over 2,700 articles and opinion pieces, radio and television shows, including FOX, ABC, CBS, MSN,, and USA Today, to name only a few.

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