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Workplace romance is okay, study finds

Are you in an office romance and afraid of what your coworkers will think about it? Are you sneaking with your sweetie into the copy room to avoid the whispers of gossip? According to a study conducted by Canadian professor Nina Cole, there’s no need to be clandestine about your workplace lover because most coworkers are not worried about it.

“Most people believe romantic relationships are okay as long as they don’t affect productivity, demotivate other colleagues, or have an impact on the overall work environment,” she said.

In her study, Cole asked 100 respondents about office romances and when they are considered disruptive in the workplace. According to her findings, most workers have a live and let live attitude about workplace romance—unless the relationship affects productivity, or creates a negative work environment during the relationship or if the relationship ends. In these cases, workers believe that bosses should step in to intervene.

“Clearly, there are specific situations when coworkers perceive that managerial action should be taken,” said Cole. “But they don’t believe action should be taken all of the time.”

(Source: Love in the Workplace OK with Co-workers as Long as There Aren't Any Negative Vibes . Retrieved from

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