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Workplace Relationships with a Positive Purpose

Relationships can have both positive and negative impacts on workplace culture. While it is inevitable that relationships will be established in the workplace; healthy and appropriate relationships may be more beneficial than just having a co-worker relationship. Relationships in the workplace can be most beneficial in providing mentor/leadership and training in the government and non-profit sectors. Relationships are also critical in philanthropic and career building opportunities within corporate sectors.

But there are a few essential components that if coupled with the right ethical and professional guidance, should yield great results!

- First, know your business

- Second, mind and tend to IT well

- Third, use relationships to build knowledge and transferrable skills

We often take on responsibilities that are not relative to our daily functions… know that if it compromises your contractual, workplace duties, goes against or dismisses your workplace practices and values… you may be in violation. Therefore, be aware of the types of relationships that you establish.

- Understand what you bring to and extract from workplace relationships

- Ensure that your relationships foster learning, growth and development of transferrable skills

- Don’t underestimate the competitive edge… others are always building

- Know the perimeters, boundaries and expectations of your current duties and build on them

- Demonstrate that you are vested and willing to do what you signed up for plus a tad more

Healthy relationships are important to everyone and secures our livelihood. Make your workplace relationships just as important as any other relationships, Connect, Help, Analyze, Negotiate, Grow, and Elevate (CHANGE) your workplace environment!

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