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Workplace dating: Is she just being friendly or interested in me?

Not sure of chatty coworker's reason for frequent conversation
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Dear Deborrah:
So there's this girl at work who I only see at the end of every week (due to admin stuff, she works in another department). Thing is, this normally takes 2 minutes, after which time she will then talk to me about anything and everything. Conversations often stretch 20 mins plus.

I'm here in San Francisco from the London office for a year or two, and not used to dating American girls. She is so different from anyone I've gone out with before. I am not particularly attracted to her, and I never initiate the casual chat, she clearly doesn't need any help from me! The first few times we chatted I thought nothing of it, but these long convos have become such a regular occurrence, now its got me wondering!

It's all pretty mundane things (i.e. the weather, the traffic on the roads, a shop she likes etc.), it's like she will think of anything to say to keep the conversation going. Even after I've wrapped up the conversation and she's halfway out the door, she will start with something else and off we go again for another 10 minutes!

Her behavior I also find odd, she seems nervous\very animated some of the time. She also apologizes a lot for keeping me so long. She smiles a lot and makes a lot of eye contact. She has also taken to saying 'have a good week' when she leaves, which implies she is thinking about the fact that we won't speak again until the following Friday.

She's never mentioned a boyfriend and I think she might know I'm single. I just can't work out if she's trying to chat me up or she's just really talkative!

What's the deal with this girl? What would you make of this in your workplace?

Clueless Bloke

Dear Bloke:
Sigh. Men don't spend all that time talking to women they aren't interested in week after week. You obviously find her somewhat interesting and fun, otherwise wouldn't you make your excuses and rush off? But that isn't what you do. And you are thinking about her, which is why you're writing me.

If you wait for her to say "I like you!" like she's in third grade, you will be waiting forever. The woman has given you every single sign on Earth - even some from Mars and Jupiter - that she is interested in getting to know you better and spend some time with you. But you are over here just dense as all outdoors. OMG! It's funny really. In an odd, can I choke him now sort of way.

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