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Workplace chaplains

Faith in the Workplace
Faith in the Workplace
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What is a workplace chaplain and what do they do?

"Chaplains fill a gap that often exists within the work environment – a non-career-impacting place to mitigate the difficult personal and professional struggles and frustrations that all employees face," says Naomi Paget, a board-certified chaplain and co-author of the 2006 book "The Work of the Chaplain," a guide to chaplaincy in a variety of workplace settings.

We all struggle in and out of the workplace. To have “a non career-impacting” place to go for help is an asset all companies are not able to provide; but, what a value. 

“Their power to help and heal weary workers is undeniable. Alan Tyson, the director of chaplain services for Tyson Foods' 252 North America locations – who is not related to the company's founders – reports that he hears ‘a lot of stories from plant management that indicate that our two full-time and 124 part-time chaplains have a positive effect on retention, turnover and morale.’"

According to Winning Workplace, chaplains are “…a personalized yet affordable way to help employees deal with personal issues that can influence their performance.” They help ease the burden on Human Resources.

Chaplains in the workplace let employees know their employer cares about them. This makes good business sense. "Businesses are finding that chaplains can improve their bottom dollar when they see that a happier workforce can be a more productive workforce," says George Schurman, with the American Association for Ministry in the Workplace. "Chaplains can not only address emotional concerns, but are also trained and specialize in talking about spiritual concerns."

How will the chaplain care for my employees?

Every week the chaplain will make a brief personal contact with every employee in your company. While providing an uplifting moment of encouragement, the chaplain will build care relationships with the employees. The employee can call his chaplain any time to help with personal crisis management. The result is that the 70% of employees who have no crisis support network in place will experience caring support as an extension of the company. (Corporate Chaplains of America).

For more information on workplace chaplains visit Corporate Chaplains of America.


  • Harris 5 years ago

    NO THANK YOU! If i want or need a personal 'chaplain', i'll contact my church/synagogue/mosque on my own and my place of business knows nothing of it, nor should they. Why are you insistent of such intrusive behavior? Keep your religion to yourself and in your home, church or with family and friends who feel the same way. I would never work at such a company!

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