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Workplace Bullying Institute's mission statement...

So much valuable information has transpired about workplace bullying since the profile of Beverly Peterson's film 'There Oughta Be A Law' here. Recent contacts have put a focus on the original concept behind the center against workplace abuse, founded in 1997 by Dr. Gary and Ruth Namie. The center aptly named Workplace Bullying Institute(WBI) was started, in part because of Mrs. Namie's own personal issues in the workplace...Carrie Clark, the state coordinator for WBI legislative campaign has so kindly kept this writer in the loop about events & updates in regards to getting the Illinois bill HB374 passed. As more people are becoming aware that there are such folks working behind the scenes to help employees who are abused by employers, it seems the right time to define the mission statement of  the Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates. According to Ms. Carrie Clark, the mission statement is as follows: 

"The mission of the Illinois Healthy Workplace Advocates is to raise awareness and to compel our State to correct and prevent abuseive work environments through legislation."

For more on the Workplace Bullying Institute go to their website @ or google Ilinois Association for Minorities in Government...

For more conversation with Carrie Clark go to


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