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Workouts to do indoors to beat the heat

training for crossfit
training for crossfit
Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Living in very hot climates can cause problems for the outdoorsy person that loves to workout outside in the summer. Around the country this summer temperatures will began to rise near or over 100 degrees. With this kind of severe heat, it’s a reason to head into a gym. With a few exceptions, you can do a lot of things indoor, you can’t do outdoors. On a hot day a cool air conditioning building would sound better then outdoor heat in the summer sun. There are various ways to keep busy indoors if you’re outside person.

Here's indoor training that you can do:

Gym boot camps

Boot camp training is a fun way to stay in shape, and be motivated by others. A great personal trainer is there to make sure workouts are different each session to spark things up.

Crossfit WOD

Crossfit has gain popularity fast in the US. There are gyms everwhere. If, you want get pushed to your limits, learn new lifting techniques, and be competitive against others. Crossfit workouts will challenge your fitness level.

MMA training

Mixed martial arts (MMA) training is the toughest training to date. It will put your fitness to the test. From Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, the training can be rigorous, but it will build you a nice physique.


Yoga is another very popular way to get a great workout in. It’s user-friendly; strengthening your posture, gives you amazing flexibility, and breathing techniques to relax tension. Yoga is holistic approach to training your body.

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