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Workouts for at night

Outside workouts
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Throw away what you know about exercise at night. Run, jog, swim or workout for 15 to 30 minutes at night can play a positive role in your sleep. When you get off of work or have free time at night, some intense cardio can do you some good.

Spin It Up

Biking provides a full-body workout that gets your heart rate up. Your local gym should offer evening spinning classes. During each spinning class, the instructor takes you through a series of low and high-intensity cycling exercises that last anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. Try to participate in a cycling class four evenings a week. It is a great way to beat the heat of the day!

Jog Away The Stress

Jogging and running provide great benefits at night such as improved sleep and increased energy in the morning. As a variation to your basic run, mix in speed walking. Start off speed walking for one minute then gradually increase your speed to running for 30 seconds, then go back to speed walking for one minute. Keep this pace for 15 to 20 minutes. Find a nice and safe place to jog, such as a gym or a school with a track. If you are jogging at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing for your safety.

Get In The Water-Swimming

Whether you are at the gym, a community pool or have your own pool, swimming provides an excellent way to relax for the night and use all major muscles. A typical workout with include a five to 10 minute warm-up of strokes across the pool, followed by laps of flutter-kicks and front and back stroke. These exercises focus on the whole body. Swimming at night is an excellent stress reliever. Your local fitness center should offer evening and night time swimming classes. It is a great way to mingle with others as well.

Move Around - Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to challenge your body in many ways while boosting energy and having fun after a hard days work. A circuit training workout includes about 8-10 exercise stations. After completing a station, instead of resting, you move quickly to the next station, lasting anywhere between 30 seconds and three minutes. A session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. You can find a circuit training DVD to try in your home or your local gym should have a circuit training program available.

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