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Workout with the Lord to create a new you in 2014

Care to know the secret to adding some real power to your workout? It is God. Work out with the Lord.

Throughout the country many churches and community centers are offering what is known as “praise dance”. Not only will this type of dance uplift your spirit, but you will get all the benefits from the aerobic workout as well.

Participants say it is a wonderful way to “tap into that Higher Power”. Plus, dance is good for the mind, body and spirit. Dance instructor Torrence Taylor says, “It is important to bring in the Biblical connection”.

People often take what they learn in these classes and share the techniques with their family, friends and co-workers as workout worship services. Many churches are beginning to offer this type of class to their youth ministries. It is a popular form of exercise with seniors as well.

Liturgical aerobic dance class, Sistahs making a change, from New Orleans, LA, is featured in this video segment.

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