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Workout to the core w/ lucy


Suzanne Bowen in lucy activewear's Perfect Core Collection

With spring finally upon us, it's about time that us Angelino's get out there and work off our extra winter pounds. As we come out of hibernation the hills of Runyon Canyon and the Santa Monica steps are going to get busier and busier as bikini season quickly approaches. Us ladies want to stay on top of our game - What's the easiest way to do this you ask? Well, not with those silly shape up shoes, instead you want to eat right, work out hard, and of course (and most importantly) look good doing it.


Confidence is undoubedtly the sexiest accessory and guys cansense it a mile away, so it's important to feel confident while exercising. This way your work outs will be much more impactful and with the right gear you'll notice results faster.


A personal favorite exercise brand of mine is lucy activewear. The team over at lucy keeps their workout wear consisent, stylish, and effective. One of their newest releases targets the area that women always want to improve - the core. They've created revolutionary garment technology, called XBar that causes the wearer to pay extra close attention to their core. The perfect core pants and racerback work together to support and draw focus to the tummy and lower back region. I gave this core technology the Runyon Canyon test and was seriously estatic with the results. No I didn't have a six pack after wearing them, but I noticed while running - especially uphill - that the outerwear tightened around my core, causing my posture to be straighter, thus allowing my core to get a stronger workout. Without the wear, I would lean forward more as I hiked/ran uphill. Having core-tight clothes is much more fashionable and easier than those awkward stomach wraps that I've noticed around the gym.

The goal of lucy's XBar Perfect Core Collection is to align the body and promote core awareness. I say if you're serious about getting fit for the summer, then it's worth the investment for some powerful workout gear. Plus, their clothes are top-notch quality and last practically forever. One tip, try on the pants in the store because I'm typically an smaller size in lucy clothes than the size of the perfect core pants that felt comfortable on me. Or perhaps that's just their way of telling me I need to put down the chocolate chip cookies and pick up a yoga mat?

For more info:  visit lucy activewear online at: to learn about their XBar Technology within their Perfect Core Collection


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