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Workout mistakes that guys make more often than women

Get smarter in the gym

Men and women often have different goals when they go to the gym. As a general rule, men want to get bigger and women want to get smaller. But somehow we all end up doing the same exercises to achieve those very different goals. Big mistake.

I recently interviewed a group of guys to find out more about the most effective training techniques, diet strategies and workout plans that men should use to get lean and get fit. Interestingly, almost every expert pointed to a the same mistakes that guys make when they workout or choose a diet plan. Not surprisingly, the most common mistake was not asking for help.

So what are the other mistakes? Read 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Made by Men to get the full list. And if you're wondering who helped me compile the list, this is the group of guys who sat on my panel to come up with the best workout and diet advice for guys.

  • Jason Corrie - Named by Virgin Active in London to join the highest elite level category of “World Class Personal Trainer,” Jason trains clients around the world.
  • Matt Griffin - New York City personal trainer
  • Tony Schober - Certified personal trainer and founder of Coach Calorie.
  • Pete Thomas - NBC's most successful "Biggest Loser,” full-time motivational speaker, teacher, spokesperson, author, wellness coach and athlete.
  • Tom Venuto - Fat-loss expert, transformation coach and bestselling author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

I also included advice from my recent interview with Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton (because what guy wouldn't want to look like Thor or James Bond). So check out the list and see what changes you can make to refine your workout program and get better results.

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