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Workout ideas for couples

Kelsey and ZJ sprint into the finish line together at a CrossFit competition
Patty Olson

Valentine's Day is approaching, and as the old adage goes “The couple that sweats together, stays together”. Or if it doesn’t, it should. Unfortunately, unless a couple meets while running or lifting, working out is one of the hardest places for couples to find common ground. Maybe he likes pumping iron and she likes mountain biking – or vice versa. Fortunately, there are great options for couples who want to have a good, fun, sweaty time together, and still get their favorite workout in!

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While there’s no fixed law that says men have to like weight training and women must enjoy cardio, it’s very common to have couples split down those lines. Try sharing each other’s passions by biking, running or walking to the gym (or snowshoeing – it is Colorado after all!), then hitting the weights when you get there.

Show some class

Taking a class with your partner can be one of the best ways to spend time together while getting fit. Consider a dance class (many studios in the Denver area offer everything from Ballroom to Salsa). Or to try more of a contact sport, consider signing up together for a martial arts class. FusBoxe Fitness and MMA in Westminster offers martial arts classes for all ages. Maureen Riordan, the Program Director at FusBoxe, has found their classes to be great for couples. She says that their class is a “great couple’s workout, as everything we do is done in pairs. We have many couples that begin this pursuit together, and have actually reported that it made their relationship stronger. Anytime you can share a common interest and work toward a common goal it's beneficial to the relationship.”

Stretch your boundaries

Couples’ yoga can be one of the most intimate fitness and wellness activities available. Corepower Yoga at Flatirons in Broomfield is offering their Couples’ class this Friday, February 7 at 7:00 pm with instructors John Marosi and Heidi Nilsson for a cost of $45. Corepower manager and instructor Heidi B invites participants, saying “Couples yoga helps you connect your breath with another, helps you dive deeper into your yoga practice, and spreads the healing power of touch”.

Forging Elite Relationships

CrossFit can be one of the most demanding workouts available, and everything is more fun if you have someone to share it with. ZJ and Kelsey are CrossFitters from different home “boxes” (CrossFit gyms); ZJ runs his trademarked Slaughterhouse Gym based out of DEFY! in Broomfield, while Kelsey calls CrossFit Surge in Northglenn her home. Even so, they work out together whenever possible.

Kelsey says “CrossFitting together gives us the opportunity to support and encourage each other through tough experiences, mental and physical challenges, helping one another to persevere when at times it seems impossible to keep going. It's such a unique circumstance to be in together and our relationship grows stronger because of it”.

ZJ agrees, noting that “Every time we go to the gym I feel like our relationship strengthens even if she beats me more times than I'd like to admit! And trust me, she lets me know about it every time!”

Don’t forget the R-and-R

A workout doesn’t have to be structured exercise. Colorado is full of great athletic recreational opportunities, from skiing, boarding, and snowshoeing in the winter, to hiking, biking, and rafting in the summer. Talk about your individual interests that you’d like to share with the other, or find something new to discover together!

While it’s great for couples to have individual interests, having athletic endeavors they can share together can help build a happy, and healthy, relationship. Find something you both enjoy, and go have a couple’s Valentine’s Day!

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