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Workout and Nutrition Tips for Brides

Bride Ready Body
Bride Ready Body
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We are rapidly approaching wedding season. Thus brides are searching for the most efficient ways to get into shape fast. Brides, no need to worry just follow these tips to guarantee a body fit for your wedding.

Exercise Tips

Train Large Groups of Muscle
Stop doing isolation exercises like curls, kickbacks, and triceps extensions. They work only small groups of muscle and burn very few calories. Instead do compound exercises that work large muscle masses, like squat-curl-press and push-up with dumbbell row. Compound and complex movements burn a ton of calories, build strength, and build muscle. Muscle is the key to a toned shape and helps to keep our bodies burning fat like a furnace all day.

Intervals are Queen
Study after study has shown that high intensity interval training is the most efficient way to burn fat. A guy by the name of Trembly conducted a study showing that 15 weeks of interval training burned 9 times more calories than 20 weeks of steady state endurance training. Leave the morning jog out and instead sprint for 20 seconds followed by 90 seconds of jogging and then repeat 10 times for a total of 20 minutes.

Variety is the spice of fat loss
Have 2 or 3 different routines and alternate them every workout. This keeps your body from hitting a plateau too soon, burns more calories, and ensures balanced muscle development. When designed properly alternating routines molds you an awe inspiring physique for your wedding.

Short and Frequent
Do a resistance (weight lifting) workout in the morning followed by a cardio interval workout in the evening. This ensures a steady dose of EPOC (Exercise Pose Oxygen Consumption) and a constantly elevated metabolism. What that means in plain English is a huge amount of calories burned all day long causing rapid fat loss.

You must get a good nights sleep, 7 – 8 hours, to let your body recover. Too little sleep leads to a rise in cortisol levels and a decrease in hormone production, both of which lead to increased storage of fat. You must also plan one day of complete rest per week, meaning no training allowed. This allows your body to rebuild and improve, without it you will become overtrained, sick, irritable, and get poor results.

Nutrition Tips

Eat small meals every 3 to 4 hours
Keep your metabolism on full fat burning throttle and keep your energy levels constant with frequent small meals. Small meals let your body know that food is not going to be a scarcity and keeps us out of starvation mode. If our body thinks we are not going to get food it holds on to as much fat as possible to conserve energy and instead burns muscle which slows down our metabolism. Exactly the opposite of what we want.

Eat vegetables and protein every meal – Leave the carbs out
Extra carbs like bread and rice are out except for directly after workouts. Carbohydrates are best absorbed into the muscle and stored as glycogen directly after exercise; once muscles are refueled the remaining carbohydrates turn to fat if not used immediately.

Drink only 0 Calorie Beverages
Liquids have a sneaky way of squeezing excess calories into our diets. Stick strictly to green tea, water, and coffee with nothing added. That means you need to kick your morning glass of OJ out the door and skip your daily commute to Starbucks for that vanilla caramel latte. The only exception to this rule is low sugar protein shakes.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a body that your wedding dress will be honored to adorn.

Brett Denton BS, IYCA, PICP, former Boise State University football player, owner and head physical enhancement specialist at Fitness Training Answers LLC and Knockout Body Boot Camps in Boise, Idaho. Contact him at or visit


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