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Working to save the farm

save the farm
save the farm

After looking at my interest adjustment and mortgage statement, I couldn’t help but smile though a little exhausted, all at the same time Through the years of owning, it has been a unique struggle to save it, first acquired by a mortgage company who was the front runner in mortgage scams, association issues, tax errors. As well as dealing with unemployment, filling in with odd jobs to keep the roof stable

Somehow it all worked and my mortgage today for a three bedroom is lower than most one bedroom apartments. A study from 2013, the Moss National Money and Happiness Study revealed that the happiest retirees do not have a mortgage, or extremely low with more equity.

And as far as a career, charting a new course sometimes in more than one direction, is necessary to keep the lights on. But the underlying truth is that you build a new you; from teacher to writer, from trainer to project manager. You can bring so many unique experiences to the table and professions are looking for the well-rounded knowledge seeker with seasoning.

Workplace consultants have agreed that the older candidate who is educated, and have been in a variety of settings usually have excellent management skills. Baby Boomers generally have a strong work ethic and know how to manage conflict in difficult situations…..that is the focus.

If you are looking for a new career to save the farm, health care services are looking for all ages with predictions that over 5 million new jobs will be established by 2020. Financial advising may be another area where boomers can be valuable. Teaching online offers great flexibility and something you can do from home. As well as small businesses of your own to cultivate a new direction. Don't limit yourself to one pursuit...try to balance a variety of commitments so that it tough economic times, you always have something to fall back on.