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Working people gear up for the new year

The year 2014 has now started. People will be getting to back to work in earnest this Monday.

And more people have high hopes going into the upcoming year. The Florida unemployment rate is less than seven percent which is better than most of the nation. And hard hit industries like construction and high end restaurants are coming back.

"I am happy to get back to work. I am in the construction industry and the last few years were hard. But now there are more building projects and I have received more job offers," said Randy Benson.

"I hope to advance in my career in office management this year. I know of a number of jobs I will apply for. I want a bigger office and more people to manage," said Cecilia Biggs.

"I think this is the year I will become an assistant manager at my hotel. I am looking forward to more responsibility in at my place of employment," said Heather Cooley.

And more people will look for opportunities to advance. Some will go back to school for more training and education while others will start businesses. And some will seek promotions at their current place of employment.

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