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Working Out With Injuries

Injuries can be frustrating for anyone trying to get in or stay in shape. They are especially tough when you are making good progress and are close to your fitness goals. I have had my share of injuries, some minor, some not so minor. Since fitness and exercise are a passion and way of life for me, I always try to work around an injury.

My general thought pattern has always been to try and do some form of exercise. If I cannot work on strengthening lower body, I would spend the time strengthening the upper body. If I could not do strength training, perhaps I would do more cardio training. If I could not run, I would walk or bike. I could always stretch and use my foam roller for extra bodywork (which usually aids in faster healing). I usually used the opportunity to get back to basics and focus on form even more than usual.

As with any injury, it is wise to get advice from your medical professional. Follow your doctor's directions on what to do. If you have the clearance, then put on your thinking cap. This will probably require you to be creative in your program design. As you heal, you will need to figure out how to work out the target area without straining the injury. You will most probably have to adjust resistant loads as your injury heals and you are able to start working that area again.

It is important to not give up and just do what you can do. If done properly, recovery will be faster. You can help limit or eliminate muscle loss by continuing to exercise.

Although it may not feel like progression while working around an injury, you still will be moving forward, not backward.

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