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Working out is good for your lady parts

Working out is good for women
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A 2007 study that showed exercise reduced the risk of breast cancer was confirmed and resurrected this week in a 13-year French study featured on NPR. I will summarize: working out a little is good for your boobies. Working out a lot is GREAT for your boobies!

This is no surprise, really, since research has repeatedly shown that exercise reduces risk of any form of cancer, or pretty much any disease. What's great about this study, though, is that it assures women it doesn't matter when you start, what you do, how old you are, any exercise will be beneficial!

But did you know that physical activity can do much more than prevent breast cancer? Below are five major health benefits active women experience. Anecdotally, I have found regular yoga practice gives me better bladder control. Strength training gives me more control over sexual positions and pleasure. Share YOUR personal experiences of fitness in the comments, but here are some research-proven ways that exercise is good for the ladies:

1. Improved circulation from cardio workouts.
Most of the fluids in your body rely on good circulation. Blood pressure, lubrication and genital stimulation are all improved by regular cardio workouts, and when all of these improve, so does sex.

2. Endorphins make you more orgasmic.
Yes, orgasms happen on a physiological level, but they also happen on a chemical level in the brain. With your brain awash in endorphins, you are primed for sexual pleasure, and more responsive to stimulation.

3. Menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth is easier.
All of those major female milestones are improved with routine physical activity. Not only are helpful hormones released by exercise, but things like yoga, that rely on core strength and moving joints and twisting out toxins, prime the female body for taking on stress and physical strain.

4. Lower body workouts improve bladder control and sexual experience
We have all heard of Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This supports the colon, the bladder, and the sex organs. When doing a lower body workout, be aware of these muscles and keep them contracted during reps. It will build strength and sensitivity in all that plumbing down there.

5. Strength-training prevents osteoporosis
Many women suffer loss of bone density as they age. Strength training has been shown to prevent this, saving older women from balance problems, pain, and broken bones. It is thought that resistance training not only builds muscles, but strengthens bones as well.

The moral of the story is: it doesn't matter what you do, exercise is very beneficial to women. Sex will improve, having children won't be so hard on your body, and you will prevent many diseases for which women are high-risk. Physical activity NEEDS to be a part of your life. So do a little, do a lot, but every bit you do improves your health that much more.

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