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Working On the Go With iPad

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Here's some suggestions for those who need to work on their iPad while traveling.

The ClamCase Pro
The iPad fits very securely into this clam shell case thus providing a protective seal that keeps the iPad from falling down and breaking when one is jostled in transit. So this case is particularly effective when traveling on buses, boats and other modes of transportation that are not always stable. Also, the full QWERTY keyboard gives one the feel of working on a laptop. Thanks to a 360° hinge, the ClamCase can be turned around for ease of use when reading and other instances when one wishes to use the tablet sans keyboard. This keyboard will add a bit of weight to the iPad so it works best for those looking for an iPad that can function as a laptop.

Logitech Keyboard
This keyboard's magnetic clips secure the iPad to the keyboard which allows one to easily remove the keyboard when one wishes to use the iPad as a tablet. A full size keyboard allows one to type on the go. This keyboard is best used on flat stable services to ensure the iPad does not fall out of the grooves designed to hold the iPad in place. The ultrathin aluminum cover complements the iPad perfectly making for a sleek and light design.

Belkin Convertible Ipad case
This slim and lightweight case enables one to carry one's iPad and keyboard together thanks to a SmartClip magnetic closure that holds everything securely in place. Mico-suction adhesive prevents the keyboard from slipping. While this case is advertised as working with the Apple wireless keyboard, this case will work with a Logitech keyboard as well.

Touchfire Keyboard
This iPad keyboard,weighs only 3/8 of an ounce and attaches magnetically over the iPad's keyboard an is designed for those who find it difficult to type over the iPad's glass surface. Patented 3-D keys cushion your fingers and give you just the right amount of resistance and spring-back. when one is done typing, the keyboard will retract instantly and store magnetically in one's iPad cover with not in use or in it's own slim storage case.

LapDawg universal o-Stand
This stand features 4 removable metallic "flexy" legs, a bendable neck and a 360 degree rotatable ball joint that can bend to any shape with a maximum height of 31.5 inches to a minimum height of 6 inches. No more holding an iPad below eye level, a position that can strain the neck, back and arms. Use one's device in bed lying down, sitting in a car or even standing up. Also this stand can work with a range of tablets including the iPad 1,2,3 (HD), iPad Mini, iPad Air, Google Nexus 7, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Sony eReader, Nook and Kobo!

TableTote Portable Compact Workstation
For those needing a flat work surface when traveling, this lightweight (3.5 lbs.) portable and adjustable workspace can be set up in seconds. A slide bottom creates an expandable surface ranging from 13 inches to 23 inches. This workstation packs down to a compact size (10 1/2" wide, 13" long and 1 1/8" thick), so it will fit in most carryon cases.

Retrak Retractable Stylus
Those who want to draw and navigate their iPad's touchscreens with precise accuracy and control can pick up this retractable stylus. The stylus' ultra-sensitive silicone tip protects touchscreens from scratching, smudges, and fingerprints, and a retratctable function protects the tip when not in use.

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