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Working from your strengths

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One of the best ways to prioritize working at home is to prioritize by strengths. For example, if the daily task list includes emailing clients, web design, writing copy, accounting, and planning for future events, you would prioritize them by your ability. Maybe copywriting is what you are best at. Work on your copywriting first. If accounting is your weakest, that may be something to hire out. Yes, you are capable of doing the task. But you could be missing out on valuable opportunities because you're wasting time doing something you're not good at rather than working on the things where you shine.

Many people take the reverse approach. Because accounting is the weakest area, they work on accounting first, thinking that they will need as much time as possible to finish the task. However, by the time the accounting is completed they're exhausted. When it comes to writing the copy, the person's real talent, it ends up being a half effort and not nearly showcasing the person's talent.

Your talent is what helps you stand out in a crowd and separates you from the competition. If you're not maximizing your talent, you are not maximizing your impact on your potential clients. Give them your best first.

For more info: If you're unsure of your strengths, you can take a look at The Strengths Finder, which has a lot of information on discovering your strengths.


  • Denise Miller Holmes 5 years ago

    Good ideas Danica. I would have never thought about doing the tasks where I am strongest first. I will implement this.
    Right now, I think I am best at social media "marketing." :)

    Denise Miller Holmes
    Denver Christian Perspectives Examiner

  • jan 5 years ago

    Great advice.

  • Diane Shaw 5 years ago

    Great advice. I usually leave the best for last. Need to change that and really enjoy what I am doing.

  • Gina Conroy 5 years ago

    Great advice, but I guess I should start with making a list!