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Working for Diversity and Inclusion

On a regular day, in downtown Denver, there are people here from everywhere in the world. People from India, China, Mexico, Japan , even New York City. Think of a place. They're are all here, doing business, shopping at the mall and each having their own, different American experience, together.Or is that just a facade? Are we really separate and in our own world? It's just naturally uncomfortable around those who are different, right?

In America, we try to take a positive approach to diversity and inclusion. But, really, not everyone feels that way. The politically correct American encourages a more receptive approach to diversity but many people would just rather be left to their own kind.

To create a harmonious society rather than an adversarial one, interaction is important. Can we teach the next generation to accept diversity and include others in the American dream? Boulder is giving it a try.

Aware of the need for diversity awareness, the CU Boulder 2013 Diversity and Inclusion Summit will take place on November 13-14 to address the importance of really being a diverse and inclusive society in America not just pretending. The university will present some practical ways for students to recognize areas for self- improvement, as well as ideas for community involvement.

Students will face the tough issues and get some clear insights. Ignorance is the power behind prejudice. They will be invited to participate in activities that acknowledge the differences in others without negative impressions.They will learn to find a common thread from which to build a connection that makes inclusion possible.

This summit in Boulder should be replicated all over the country. They will be dealing with diversity from more than just a race relations issue because the word diversity does not speak solely to racial differences, although race is a part of it.

There are cultural and regional differences in Americans, too. There are diversity and inclusion issues concerning the handicapped and mentally and physically disabled persons in our society. Even age, weight, religion and gender are issues where diversity and inclusion training could enlighten the next generation nationwide.

In Boulder they are working for diversity and inclusion on the university campus. Their training would be a powerful tool for elementary and middle school students across the nation who are actually being bullied to death. With age appropriate revisions, this summit could be part of a bully prevention program.

Each of us knows within ourselves whether we are open to diversity and inclusion or if we'd rather not. If they stayed on their side and we stayed on our side, what's wrong with that? If you cringe when a handicapped person gets next to you or roll your eyes at some kid with tattoos and piercings, you might need diversity and inclusion training.

Look at the Diversity and Inclusion 2013 Summit Trailer on YouTube for inspiration:

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